Royalty Free Photos

Where to Find The Largest Collection of Royalty Free Photos

What Should Sites Selling Royalty Free Photos Include?


If you need to buy royalty free photos for a project you are working on, you will need to find a site that stocks all the photos you need, and at prices you can afford.

If you have not bought royalty free photos online before, there are a few things you should look for before you do. Things that will make your search for the perfect photo easier, and make it more likely you will find the exact photo that fits with your particular project.

Where is their price list? -- Any site selling royalty free photos should make it clear from the start how much they are charging for photographs.

Do they sell each photo at a set price? Do they have weekly, monthly or annual package deals?

Make sure you know what you will have to pay before you start searching for photos.

How many photos do they have? -- Do they have a few thousands photographs, hundreds of thousands or millions of photographs?

Go with a site that has the most royalty free photos possible, as that will give you a huge number to choose from no matter what type of project you are working on.

Is the information on each photo extensive? -- You will usually want to know when a photo was taken, which camera was used to take it and who took it.

You may even want to have extensive details about the place the photo was taken.

Look at the details on a few photos before choosing a site for your royalty free photos, and be sure they include enough information for you before registering with them.

Also check a site's reputation before registering, so that you are sure the photos they are selling are completely royalty free photos and not stolen from other sources.